Fb. In. Tw. Be.

Theresa Fowler couldn’t find the strength to love herself until after her 40th birthday. 

After rising up from the holds of depression, alcoholism, obesity, diabetes and more, Theresa became resolute in her mission to spread the knowledge she learned on her journey to self love. That’s why she founded the Quantum Renaissance Collective – an online space dedicated to teaching millennial women how to feel self love. 

Theresa believes that now more than ever we, as a collective, need to shift our thought processes towards truth and justice as guiding lights along our life paths.

“To say there’s a buttload of trauma showing itself up right now is a massive understatement,” Theresa wrote in an article this past June, reflecting on coronavirus and racial injustices. “And this trauma is more than about race. More than about a virus… WE ARE THE SOLUTION.”

Born in the U.S., but living in London, Theresa says that it was as an adult living in London that she first experienced blatant racism. And, not only white on black racism… but also black on black racism, between people of Caribbean and African descent, for example. 

“I’ve experienced more passive aggressive acts of racism that pile on in the end… Microaggressions that say you’re not good enough.”

“Until we come together to heal this collective wound, we are never going to heal,” Theresa says.

Here are some wellness practices Theresa encourages black men and women to use during these times… 

We all have more space and time than we have ever had. Utilize some of that time instead of watching news and becoming more frightened in life.
Take time to breathe and sit with yourself. It is when you allow yourself to feel the difficult feelings that you are able to break free from them. Allow yourself to feel the fear and engage with it. You will then be able to transmute it. 
Take some time and get into nature. Even if it’s just a park… Ground yourself. Take your shoes off. Sit on the grass. Sit with your back against a tree. Just ground in with the beautiful and loving vibrations of nature, which we are a part of. We often forget that, and we don’t take enough time to just be at peace with nature. An hour works best because it actually gives you some time to ground and you can actually feel those endorphins rising within you. 
Take a social media detox and stay away from notifications on your phone. I know that’s hard for some of us, but try to do it once or twice a week. If we’re always on social media, it keeps our amygdala completely on edge and in heightened sensitivity in flight or fight. 
Look in the mirror, look into your eyes, and tell yourself you love yourself for 30 days. Your life will change.




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