Fb. In. Tw. Be.

Born in the U.S. with Native American and Jamaican roots, Chenoa Maxwell has moved from being a Hollywood actress to a transformational coach and emotional intelligence expert. Her practice stretches between LA and NYC, working with many high ranking executives

When Jocelyn Gordon founded HoopYogini, she added a twist to the typical yoga class. HoopYogini combines hula hoop with Hatha Yoga and meditation. During the practice, Jocelyn guides her classes into a peaceful state of mind while simultaneously giving them a

Theresa Fowler couldn’t find the strength to love herself until after her 40th birthday.  After rising up from the holds of depression, alcoholism, obesity, diabetes and more, Theresa became resolute in her mission to spread the knowledge she learned on her

We've teamed up with global wellness expert and social justice advocate Universal Empress - Nadine McNeil - to highlight the voices of black women in wellness, and share some of their powerful tips for the black community. Click to

Envision Kindness, a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading media positivity, recently concluded their third annual The World is Kind photography contest.  Selected as the best photo that embodies kindness, the first place winning photo is called ‘The Caretaker’.  Photographer Martin Buzora explains

Just imagine… An African American woman who lives in California and works in the film industry ends up visiting Sierra Leone. She falls in love with the beauty of the people and the place, and learns about the country’s connection to

Dark skin is rarely ever celebrated, much less embraced by droves of people. But, maybe things are finally changing… In only a few short days, Khoudia Diop’s Instagram following lept from a humble 300 to a massive 350,000 and climbing. The

LifeBank is a trailblazing blood and oxygen delivery company in Nigeria that jolts around the nation via the common, yet clearly efficient motorbike, servicing a whopping 300 hospitals. According to recent research, Nigeria only collects about 66,000 units of blood per

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