Fb. In. Tw. Be.

For The Girl and the Magpie’s founder, Veronique Linard, the line straddles the worlds of jewelry, art, craft, and, even more importantly, environmental activism.  According to Veronique, each piece of handmade jewelry should evoke thought around nature and how our actions

After a debilitating divorce in 2016, Australian documentary filmmaker and curator Ania Freer decided to pack her bags and book a trip to connect to her father’s birthplace - Jamaica.  With no solid plan in place, Ania quickly found a guest

After attending the Art Institute of New York, fashion designer and illustrator Ayanna Dixon  landed what many only dream of - an internship with Donna Karan. When that opportunity ended, she moved back home to Jamaica with a dream to

Now more than ever before, it’s clear… Business cannot continue as usual, lest we destroy ourselves and the planet.  For the world to stop spinning its wheels of war, racism, hunger, poverty, environmental degradation and a multitude of other systemic issues,

"Mi put mi city pon di map." - A fitting line from Dela Moves, the new release by internationally reverred conscious reggae artist, Chronixx. The music video officially debuted today, with the star's massive global following eagerly anticipating his forthcoming

Zipping between New York and LA while building a career as a singer, actress and DJ… That’s the life of Zuri Marley - the granddaughter of Bob Marley, and daughter of Ziggy Marley and lauded Jamaican TV & film producer,

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