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“Mi put mi city pon di map.” – A fitting line from Dela Moves, the new release by internationally reverred conscious reggae artist, Chronixx. The music video officially debuted today, with the star’s massive global following eagerly anticipating his forthcoming album, Dela Splash, which he has promised to drop later this year.

Hailing from Spanish Town, Jamaica, which was originally named “Villa de la Vega”, Chronixx has always honored his hometown through lyrics that artfully eject social and cultural insight.

The Dela Move music video explores the artist’s maturation through a burly, genre-crossing musical rendition and striking fire-filled visuals. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the artist noted that the essence of upcoming Dela Splash will be “much darker than anything else I’ve ever done.” Dela Move, however, evokes militancy and seriousness.

And, as we all plummet down the scorching hole of an energy sapping, fast-paced modern world, the song’s lyrics delivers a sturdy reminder: “You got to creep before you walk. You got to live before you die,” prompting us to slow our perpetual quest to move ahead of our time. Words of wisdom from a man who surely knows the ups and down of living a life that has skyrocketed in ways never dreamed.

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