Fb. In. Tw. Be.

In July, multinational surf apparel and accessories company Hurley released a mini-documentary with one of, if not THE, current leading surf stars out of Jamaica – Shama Beckford

Not only a surfer, Beckford’s passions also include music, art and skating – all of which he is infuses with his unique style and flair. It’s no wonder why… He’s the child of two artists, and grew up by the sea in Jamaica’s off-the-beaten-track Bull Bay community, where he’d often come home from school and hit the water, alone, to get his surf on. 

Now in his early twenties, with dashing good looks to boot, Beckford dons a plethora of heavyweight surf sponsors, including Hurley – with whom he has designed a Jamaica-inspired line – and Marley House. 

The young star is also on his way to the 2020 Olympic Games as a member of Jamaica’s first pro surf team.

His big goal, however, is to inspire youth within his homeland and grow the sport as an outlet for youth development.   

Watch this mini-documentary about Shama to learn more.

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