Fb. In. Tw. Be.

For The Girl and the Magpie’s founder, Veronique Linard, the line straddles the worlds of jewelry, art, craft, and, even more importantly, environmental activism. 

According to Veronique, each piece of handmade jewelry should evoke thought around nature and how our actions impact the environment, and be a call for collective environmental responsibility. 

While some pieces are wearable art, others are exhibition caliber, created with actual plant-life, dirt and other natural elements that can’t be worn day-to-day, but have graced the stage in both fashion shows and multidisciplinary performances. 

Veronique began this journey to conscious, creative entrepreneurship 10 years ago. 

It all started in Burkina Faso, Africa, where she studied an ancestral method for casting bronze to make jewelry. Next, she learned classical and contemporary jewelry-making in Belgium. Today, she has settled into life in the quiet, seaside, country village of Treasure Beach, Jamaica. The Girl and the Magpie combines the traditional and contemporary techniques learned along the way, and marries natural materials with both brass and silver.

A Belgium native, Veronique says that, for her, nature in Jamaica is deeply inspiring. “I’ve fallen in love with Treasure Beach. The community is loving, sharing and welcoming. Nature here is beautiful and different from any other part of the island,” she explains. 

She is always in awe, she says, of the bountiful environmental landscape of the country. It’s a big part of the reason she plans to remain settled on the island for years to come. 

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